Thursday, September 17, 2009

Starting somewhere

So it's 11:00 at night and I'm timidly taking to the keys in hopes of inspiration. I've wanted to blog for awhile, but have been reluctant just because i feel out of my own loop. Writing takes a certain element of direction, without it these entry's will seem a lot like a sloppy journal entry. Feelings all over the place with little to no context for the audience. But ...why not? I've often had my best conversations when they start in the middle. 
I love the idea of seeing. Seeing as it comes when it is coupled by true insight. Seeing translated to a truth revealed. I've taken to the art of photography as of late and have come to own the ability to manipulate perspective. It's a funny thing perspective, how subjective and misleading it can be while at the same time how pertinent to your active role in any given situation. We all can see it happen but we are very selective to when we pay attention long enough to grasp what is really going on. I've seen a bunch of things in my life, some through the limited framework i worked with before i knew about wide angle lens', but bottom line is sometimes we have to take time to involve more assets then just our sight to interpret our surroundings. Otherwise we're left with the gaping feeling of "I can't believe my Eyes" and the awesome truth is, you really can't.
So the plan is to see... and i mean really see things for what they are as opposed to lackadaisically taking in scenery.  I will juxtapose pictures of the things i see to the story behind them. Hopefully it will remind us the importance of keeping a healthy perspective on things. Enjoy!