Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So i didn't exactly take this picture, which is obvious. It's a fable, but it has to do with hear me out.

I feel like this a lot of my days, i feel like little red riding hood. I've got a job to do, and I'm determined to feed my granny in the woods, why she lives all the way out there i don't know but she's sick and i got the means to help her get better, and she needs someone to help. So I volunteer. I'm small and somewhat naive but I'm also prideful and don't want others telling me that i can't do something that i think i can, that i know someone can, but the Nay Sayer's think that I'm not good enough for the job and no one else is volunteering. And i love my out the door i go!

You ever try to hold onto an ideal and the world keeps yelling at you to shut up. To all believers out there just SHUT UP! That's what this picture reminds me of. Our faith in the things we were told we could do if we just believe in them, that's what they told us when we were kids. They never told us about the times when we would be disappointed or let down and made fun of for believing, they did give it a name though,"The Big Bad Wolf" we just didn't know that the wolf could be us sometimes. Belief, Hope, Faith is the key component to our perspective and therefore success. When we doubt others and ourselves we cripple "the possible" and it becomes the lame "impossible". So why do we let that happen, why do we give up or let go of our faith? Because that scary unknown wolf lurks over us waiting in the woods to get us, but the rouse is that it gets closer every time we loosen our grip on our basketful of faith to peek to see if it is there. It's a self defeating mechanism coupled with the truth that misery loves company. We lose faith cause our expectations get higher and our memory of the miracles we've witnessed fades. Others who have given up on theirs readily give us excuses to give up on our own.
B.S. Big Bad Wolf! I'm calling your bluff. I'm holding on to some great crap in this basket of mine and i got sick people to visit. You may be working double time to get at me, but I've got a greater purpose than yours and mine involves faith.
I've felt the BBW riding my you know what for months now and i have been slowed but i won't let him take away my faith. Death grip! Miracles happen, dreams come true, and it's all worth believing in, but you have to have some faith to see it all work! It may be heavy to carry at times but it makes the trip worth while.