Sunday, November 28, 2010

Make Life Beautiful

I don't spend enough time creating. I want to be more involved in adding life to life. I love thinking about the thought behind the products that people produce. The detail and time spent making the eclectic unique trinkets that can be collected over a lifetime. Things like a tiny wire mexican skeleton statue or knitted sea creature ornaments. I wonder if these things were preconcieved or if they just evolved. If their makers had a specific purpose for them or if art, the pure inspiration to create, was taken and auctioned off after the realization of their value.
I guess it doesn't really matter except that people keep doing it. It is so refreshing to have an idea and see it begin to take shape. We create to see the fruits of our labour, to witness our inner thoughts materialize and express themselves, to have something to inspire thought in others. Art is beautiful not because it looks great, but because it's original, it's personal, and it's new. It's inspiring because of the time and thought put in it, and because it creates hope in things that arn't typically seen.

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